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To all new and existing customers please DOWNLOAD THE NEW 2022 TERMS OF SERVICE for doing business with Pro-Pack Testing Laboratory, Inc.

This document contains some significant changes to the way we are doing business from this point forward and also contains valuable information on how to most efficiently utilize our testing services. There are some significant changes and we have tried to make things easier from this point going forward. If after reading this document, any questions can be directed to our Project Coordinator Noah Harper or contact us at

UN/DOT Performance Oriented Package Testing Certification Procedure For Single Packagings

    The following pages are input forms, which contain the necessary information that we will need before testing can begin. The information will be used for both testing and reporting purposes

    STEP 1: Provide the necessary information about your package(s).

    Complete this set of forms AND send us specifications on every single component of the package (i.e. the outer container and all related closures, the inner container(s) and all related closures and all interior packaging PLUS packaging materials such as pads, partitions, dividers, bags, bubble wrap, peanuts, EPS parts, etc.)

    STEP 2: Submit Packages or Packaging Materials. Select ONE option below.

    Option 1.

    Number of test samples required:

    • Enough materials to assemble a 9 samples + 1 empty bag plus closures so we may prepare the package as shipped.
    • Detailed packing instructions on how the packs will be assembled for shipment.

    Our test report will reflect exactly what is submitted to us. Pro-Pack is not responsible for discrepancies between the way we pack it out and the way it’s actually packed for shipment.

    NOTE: When using this option there is a charge of $95 per man-hour to prepare the packages for testing. This is in addition to the charges for the tests.

    Option 2.

    Number of test samples required:

    • Drums or Barrels (steel, aluminum, plywood, fiberboard, plastic): A minimum of 15 samples + 1 empty drum
    • A minimum of 9 samples pack filled + 1 empty bag

    Submit packages completely packed as shipped and ready to test. These packages must be provided to us exactly as shipped (using the filling requirements) with proper closures.

    Our test report will reflect exactly what is submitted to us. Any deviation from this when used in actual shipment will make the certification NULL AND VOID.

    Please note the regulations state packages containing solids must be filled to 95% of maximum capacity.

    NOTE: The best way to determine 95% of maximum capacity is to fill container COMPLETELY full and weigh it. Remove enough material until the weight is 95% of the weight when completely filled.

    Accounts Payable Information (Person receiving Invoice)

    Contact Information (Person receiving report)

    I understand that the following information will be used to compose a certified report. Pro-Pack is not responsible for incorrect or missing information. Incomplete or missing data may result in a delay of test completion or issuance of certified report.


    Please Provide Quote

    If you would like a quotation to perform the required tests, please complete the test request form and submit in order to receive an accurate quote. If you need assistance completing the input forms or have any questions, I would be glad to help you. Contact Manuel Rosa Jr. at 618-277-1160

    Turnaround Time

    Our standard turnaround time is 5 – 10 business days. The exact time frame to completion will vary depending on our work load at the time your packages are received. Express service is available at an additional cost. Please call for details.

    Flexible IBC Pack Hazmat Test Request Form

    The following information is required by D.O.T. to be included in the certified test report. Please complete all sections and submit as soon as possible. We cannot issue a certified report without this information.



    NOTE: Fill in the below sections only if you are submitting the container already filled for testing.


    SECTION III - TESTS REQUESTED BY CLIENT: Please call if help is needed completing this section.



    (NOTE: To be considered a RE-CERTIFICATION, the pack must not be different from the pack originally certified. According to CFR 49, "different" means “one that differs (i.e. is not identical) from a previously produced packaging in structural design, size, material of construction, wall thickness, or manner of construction.") See CFR 178.601 (C) (4). This includes any minor change to any component of the package. (See section 178.601 for variations in package design that are allowed).

    Periodic retesting is required every 24 months (once 2 years).

    Manufacture Assembly and Closure Method

    Return Information

    Note: Pro-Pack does not pay for the shipment of any test samples to or from our facility. All collect shipments will be returned to shipper. No exceptions.

    Is this packaging to be returned following testing?

    If yes, please indicate method of shipment and account numbers were applicable:

    Note: Once testing is complete all test samples and related materials will be kept for 14 days after which point they will be disposed of unless prior arrangements have been made. It is very important to indicate if the test samples are to be returned on the submitted Test Request Form.

    Turn-Around Time

    Our standard turnaround time is 5-10 business days for completion of the testing. The standard turn-around time is for verbal “pass” or “fail” results only. The certified report will follow 1-4 days after that.

    We do offer an express service which will guarantee only test completion sooner for an additional charge. Please indicate the desired turnaround time below. The additional charge for the express service is based upon how fast test results are needed. If our work load allows us to get the tests completed sooner than 5 days there will be no express charge.

    *If express service is selected, this means we are forced to perform all of the other tests first. This means that if the Drop Test fails, then you will be billed for the full price of a certification without obtaining a certification. It is for this reason that express service is not recommended for this type of container.



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