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Simulation Tests
Integrity testing of packages that ship through Sam’s Club


The 6-Samsclub test is a general simulation for packed items shipped through Sam’s Club distribution system to customers in the United States.  It was developed by observing and surveying various Sam’s Distribution centers and Stores.

Our testing  can be used to evaluate the packages performance in shocks, vibrations, and other stresses that the item may encounter on in the transportation process.   Some conditions such as pressure, moisture and unusual handling may not be covered.

The 6-Samsclub test is appropriate for four different categories A through D:

  • Type A
    • Non-Perishable Item
    • Initially shipped on pallet
  • Type B:
    • Non-Perishable Item
    • Initially shipped floor-loaded
    • Small Load^^
  • Type C:
    • Non-Perishable Item
    • Initially shipped floor-loaded
    • Large Load^
  • Type D
    • Perishable Item
    • Initially shipped on pallet


^ A large load is any item that meets one of the following:

  • Greater than 50lb(23kg)
  • Longest dimension is 24 in(610mm) or greater and next longest is 20 in(510mm) or greater and shortest dimension is 20in(510mm) or greater.
  • Any of the lengths are 30 in(760mm) or greater

^^A small load is any package that does not fall in the large load category.



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