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To all new and existing customers please DOWNLOAD THE NEW 2022 TERMS OF SERVICE for doing business with Pro-Pack Testing Laboratory, Inc.

This document contains some significant changes to the way we are doing business from this point forward and also contains valuable information on how to most efficiently utilize our testing services. There are some significant changes and we have tried to make things easier from this point going forward. If after reading this document, any questions can be directed to our Project Coordinator Noah Harper or contact us at

Project 6-Samsclub Test Request Form

    Project 6 is a general simulation test. This procedure is for final destinations in the U.S. Users should be aware of other packaging requirements (configurations, materials, weight and height limits, etc.) for the particular store distribution system of interest.

    Please fill in the blanks below and then choose a test procedure and desired turn-around time so that an accurate quote may be provided.

    Accounts Payable Information (Person receiving Invoice)

    Contact Information (Person receiving report)


    Please Provide Quote

    If you would like a quotation to perform the required tests, please complete the test request form and submit in order to receive an accurate quote. If you need assistance completing the input forms or have any questions, I would be glad to help you. Contact Manuel Rosa Jr. at 618-277-1160


    Samples should be an untested actual package and product, but if one or both are not available, the substitutes shall be as identical as possible to actual items.

    One sample is required for this test procedure, if the sample is a palletized or unitized load, PLUS an additional pallet. As appropriate, it may be required to select individual samples from that load for further testing.

    Three test samples are required when the initial shipment if floor-loaded into the transport vehicle or ocean container (When multiple identical specimens are tested all specimens muss pall all tests).

    To permit an adequate determination of the representative performance of the packaged-product ISTA:

    • Requires the test procedure with the required number of samples, to be performed one time. But
    • Recommends performing the entire test procedure five of more times using new samples for each test.

    Note: In order to ensure testing in perfect condition, products and packages for testing shall be:

    • Adequately over-packaged for shipment OR
    • Repackaged in new packaging at the laboratory

    Note: Any pallet or skid used in this procedure should be of a type and condition which is typical of what is in
    actual field use for the packaged-product being tested.

    Note: It is important to thoroughly document the configuration, materials and construction of the tested product
    and package. Significant variations in performance can sometimes be caused by seemingly insignificant

    NOTE: If a packaged-product is both Elongated and Flat in accordance with the definitions, it should be tested as Elongated.

    Pallet Identification:

    Choose Packaged-Product Type (see definitions below.)

    General Information & Definitions


    • Testing can be used to evaluate the protective performance of a packaged-product related to vibrations, shocks and other stresses normally encountered during handling and transportation in the Sam’s Club distribution system.
    • Tests and levels are generally based on the survey, observation and measurement program described
    • The package and product are considered together and not separately
    • Some conditions of transit, such as moisture, pressure, or unusual handling may not be covered

    Other ISTA Procedures or Projects may be appropriate for different conditions or to meet different objectives.

    Packaged-Product Types

    Type A: Non-Perishable, initially shipped palletized (on standard or custom pallet)

    • Club (store) quantity is the unchanged palletized load
    • Club (store) quantity is Other than the unchanged palletized load including elongate and flat package products

    Types B and C: Non-Perishable, initially shipped floor-loaded, including elongated and flat packaged-product-products

    • Type B: large floor-loaded packaged-product-products
    • Type C: Small floor loaded packaged-product products

    Type D: Perishable, initially shipped palletized

    Perishable. Typically products such as foods, beverages, fresh flowers, etc. which may be susceptible to deterioration or spoilage if not maintained at prescribed temperature, humidity or other conditions.

    Non-Perishable. Typically products which are not harmed by extremes of temperature, humidity, etc.

    Floor-loaded. Products which are initially shipped without being unitized or palletized, initially loaded directly into a transport vehicle or ocean container, where the club (store) quantity is a case or unit.

    • A floor loaded packaged-product product is considered Large if it
      • weighs 50 lb (23 kg) or more or
      • The longest dimension is 24 in (610 mm) or greater AND the next longest dimension is 20 in
        (510 mm) or greater AND the shortest dimension is 20 in (510 mm) or
      • Any of the length, width or height dimensions are 30 in (760 mm) or greater
    • A floor loaded packaged-product is considered Small if it does not meet the definition of Large above.
    • Club (Store) Quantity

      • The club or store quantity is the number of packaged-products typically shipped at any one time to an individual club or store to replenish its stock.
      • A group of packaged-products may be shipped from the manufacturer or producer in a unitized load, but the load may subsequently be disassembled into smaller groups or individual packaged-products for shipment to the clubs or stores to meet their replenishment requirements.
      • Domestic Shipment, where the initial point of origin is within the U.S.

        International Shipment, where the initial point of origin is outside the U.S.

        Unitized Load. Multiple articles or packages bound together (with straps, shrink- or stretch-film, etc.) for handling and transportation as one unit.

        Standard and Custom Pallet. A standard pallet is a design which is in wide industry use, with published specifications, quality and applications, used within those specifications and in a typical application. Standard pallets have information, provided by their manufacturers or distributors, available on the internet. A custom pallet is one designed for a specific product or narrow range of products, and with its design and performance characteristics not widely known or published.

        Elongated Packaged-Product

        • A packaged-product where the longest dimension is 36 in (910 mm) or greater AND
        • Both of the other dimensions are each 20% or less of the longest dimension

        Flat Packaged-Product

        • A packaged-product where the shortest dimension is 8 in (200 mm) or less AND
        • The next longest dimension is four (4) or more times larger than the shortest dimension and
        • The volume is 800 in³ (13000 cm³) or greater

        Club (Store) Quantity

        • The club or store quantity is the number of packaged-products typically shipped at any one time to an individual club or store to replenish its stock.
        • A group of packaged-products may be shipped from the manufacturer or producer in a unitized load, but the load may subsequently be disassembled into smaller groups or individual packaged-products for shipment to the clubs or stores to meet their replenishment requirements.

        Characteristics of Pallet Load


        If Unitized Load...

        Product Damage Tolerance and Package Degradation Allowance

        Pre and Post-Test Inspection

        Additional Information

        The shipper, manufacturer, club store buyer and/or other stakeholders shall also provide information regarding the club (store) quantity, pallet type, initial shipment configuration, and other necessary details of shipment within the test system as required to determine proper clamping, stacked vibration, shock and other test requirements.


        (See Conditions Key Below)

        Conditions Key

        Sams Club Packaging Conditions

        Return Information

        Turn-Around Time

        Our standard turnaround time is 5-10 business days but we do offer an express service which will guarantee test results sooner for an additional charge. Please indicate the desired turnaround time below. The additional charge for the express service is based upon how fast test results are needed. If our work load allows us to get the tests completed sooner than 5 days there will be no express charge.

        * All Express services guarantee test results ONLY in the time frame indicated. Depending on the test series chosen, a full test report may not be possible in which case the test report will typically follow 2 to 3 days following testing.



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