Item 181 Furniture Package Performance Testing Test Request Form

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    NOTE: This test procedure does not apply to packages utilizing stretch or shrink plastic film wrap-style shipping units. This procedure applies only to furniture that is fully contained within corrugated fiberboard shipping containers. Exceptions include corrugated fiberboard flanged, open-bottom containers only when the container is appropriately marked with UP arrows.

    Required Number of required samples to perform an Item 180 Test Series: 1

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    Note: If Pro-Pack returns a package after testing without performing a post-inspection, the customer must provide written documentation stating the package passed or failed.

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    Summary of Required Tests:

    1) Compression /Vibration Test: Depending upon package characteristics, these tests may be performed together (Stacked-Random Vibration Test) or separately (first Compression, then Vibration)

    2) Impact /Handling Test: Depending upon package characteristics, these tests may be performed a number of ways including; Free Fall Drop, Incline Impact and/or Rotational Flat Drops.

    Turn-Around Time

    Our standard turnaround time is 5-10 business days but we do offer an express service which will guarantee test results sooner for an additional charge. Please indicate the desired turnaround time below. The additional charge for the express service is based upon how fast test results are needed. If our work load allows us to get the tests completed sooner than 5 days there will be no express charge.

    *All Express services guarantee test results ONLY in the time frame indicated. Depending on the test series chosen, a full test report may not be possible in which case the test report will typically follow 2 to 3 days following testing.