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ISTA Testing Protocols by ProPack Test Labs

ProPack Testing Laboratory offers required testing of products including transport simulation test procedures. ISTA testing is among the most widely accepted testing standards established by several organizations for the purposes of package testing. The International Safe Transit Association, or ISTA, has established their own test protocol organized by series.

ISTA Test LogoNote: Pro Pack also provides other testing methods in addition to ISTA, including: ISO (International Organization for Standardization), ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials), TAPPI and UN/DOT testing. You can read more about them by following the links above.

ISTA test protocols are arranged into seven Series although the first four are the most commonly within the range of consideration for individual packages. Learn more about which ISTA testing series is right for you.

How the ISTA Test Series BenefitsYou

  • ISTA Tests are designed to help protect products during shipment and delivery.
  • ISTA Tests are designed to help save money that might be lost as a result of damage.
  • These tests keep customers happy. By avoiding damaged deliverables, you retain satisfied customers.
  • Reducing returns. Returned products costs time and money. Testing helps you avoid this.

Understanding The Two Types of ISTA Tests

ISTA Tests are divided into two general categories; Performance Tests and Development Tests.

Performance Tests: These ISTA tests result in pass/fail results and help determine the ability of a packaged product to withstand normal shipment circumstances.

Development Tests: These ISTA tests compare the performance of two or more designs or similar designs from two or more different suppliers.

ISTA uses its seven different Test Series to measure a variety of different conditions that packages will experience. These series’ proceed from a non-simulation testing environment through simulation environments in which hazards are simulated. Finally the ISTA test series develops a comprehensive collection of field data to apply to packaging.

ISTA test protocols are arranged into seven Series although the first four are the most commonly within the range of consideration for individual packages. Learn more about ISTA standards and which ISTA testing series is right for you.

Which ISTA Test Do I Need?

ISTA 1a Test Series: Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests

The ISTA 1 Series tests the strength of a product and package combination. These ISTA protocol tests are not intended to simulate environmental stressors. This series is useful as a set of screening tests and can be used as reference point. Request an ISTA Series 1 test.

ISTA 2a Test Series: Partial Simulation Performance Tests

The 2-Series ISTA test incorporates at least one facet of 3 Series-type General Simulation performance test as well as basic elements of 1-Series Non-Simulation tests. Request an ISTA Series 2 test.

ISTA 3a Test Series: General Simulation Performance Tests

The 3-Series ISTA test series are built around providing a laboratory simulation of the sequences, conditions, motions and forces that cause package damage throughout transport through the supply chain. This test series applies across a wide set of situations including: vehicle types and routes as well as other types of handling conditions.

Some characteristics might include varieties of vibration, varieties of drop heights and varieties of atmospheric conditions applied to a sample package. These test the strength and robustness of packaging through various sequences of transport environments. Request an ISTA Series 3 test.

ISTA 4 Test Series: Enhanced Simulation Performance Tests

The 4-Series ISTA test series offer elements of more focused simulation, an example being a test sequence featuring conditions representative of actual distribution models. Project AB is presently the only protocol for this series and it is still in its implementation phase.

ISTA 5 Test Series: Focused Simulation Guides

The 5-Series ISTA Focused Simulation Guides are no longer an active series. Request an ISTA Series 5 test.

ISTA 6 Test Series: ISTA Member Performance Tests

The 6-Series ISTA member performance tests are protocols custom created by ISTA members to specific purposes. These tests might be modifications of previously available tests or they may be specifically customized and completely original.

ISTA 7 Test Series: Development Tests

The 7-Series ISTA Development Tests are used to develop transport packaging for various types of packaged goods. These tests are specific to the packaging industry and thus are probably not intended for the general market. Request an ISTA Series 7 test.

Read our ISTA Testing Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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