What does ISTA stand for?

International Safe Transit Association

When should I consider ISTA Testing?

The most efficient time to consider ISTA certification is before shipping the product. This is done in an effort to identify any problem areas with the package and/or product before actual shipment takes place thus saving time and money by correcting any problems before actual shipment.

Which test method should I use?

You may review “Guidelines for Selecting and Using ISTA Projects and Procedures” by clicking here or contact us for a free consultation on which method is best for you. You may also review the various ISTA Test Procedures on this website under “Pre-Shipment Tests” or visit the ISTA website at for further information.

How many samples must be tested to obtain ISTA certification?

In most cases a single sample is all that is needed to obtain ISTA certification (reference individual test method for exceptions). ISTA suggests that more than one sample is tested to be statistically significant.

Do I need to provide anything besides a test sample to Pro-Pack in order to obtain an ISTA certification?

Yes. A completed ISTA Test Request Form for the applicable test series.