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What is ISTA Testing and How Can ProPack Help?

ISTA Package Testing

ISTA Package Testing

Pro Pack Test Lab is a proud member of the network of ISTA certified labs over 600 strong in over 40 countries. Pro Pack fully supports ISTA’s goal to reduce product damage during distribution and improve package design for organizations.

We use ISTA package testing procedures and constantly improve our technicians, techniques, and equipment to make sure your products reach customers safely. Send your packages to Pro Pack for ISTA certified packaging and successful ISTA lab certification. You can rest assured that your tested package meets or exceeds ISTA standards.

What does ISTA stand for?

Wondering about ISTA meaning? International Safe Transit Association. ISTA is a nonprofit that helps organizations reduce product damage during shipping and improve resource efficiency with better packaging design.

The standards arrived at by ISTA engineers ensure proper testing and training of its members through an ethical, focused, open, progressive and collaborative approach to controlling costs, damage and resources during distribution and transit.

When should I consider ISTA testing?

The most efficient time to consider ISTA certification is before shipping the product. This is done to check for any problems with the package or product before it is shipped. This helps save time and money by addressing issues early. Fixing problems beforehand can prevent delays and additional costs.

We offer individual testing request forms and informational resources that cover all of the testing procedures we conduct at our facility. Please read our descriptions of different tests for packaging, including integrity testing, performance tests, compression tests, and more. These tests will help determine which ones are needed for your transport packages.

Which test method should I use?

Review “Guidelines for Selecting and Using ISTA Projects and Procedures” or contact us for a free consultation on which method is best for you. You may also review the various ISTA Test Procedures on this website under “Pre-Shipment Tests” or visit the ISTA website at for further information.

Wondering about the differences between ISTA 2a vs 3a? We make it simple so you can concentrate on what you do best without worrying about the nuances of shipping standards. But, if you want to get into the weeds, we provide resources for you to learn more about 3a Standards or ASTM D4169 or other product and packaging test procedures.

We provide many pages of testing request forms and informational resources indexed on our site for easy reference to find information about individual simulation integrity performance testing, general simulation performance testsseries non simulation integrity testing, testing for individual packaged products and other tests performed here at our testing laboratories. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at: 618-277-1160 or email customer support at:

How many samples must be tested to obtain ISTA certification?

In most cases a single sample is all that is needed to obtain ISTA certification (reference individual test method for exceptions). ISTA suggests that more than one sample is tested to be statistically significant.

Our testing request forms and informational resources page explains each test thoroughly and indicates how many samples should be provided to ensure a significant sample size.

Do I need to provide anything besides a test sample to Pro-Pack in order to obtain an ISTA certification?

Yes. A completed ISTA Test Request Form for the applicable test series.

You can find all of our testing request forms and informational resources linked to on our website.

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