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To all new and existing customers please DOWNLOAD THE NEW TERMS OF SERVICE for doing business with Pro-Pack Testing Laboratory, Inc.

This document contains some significant changes to the way we are doing business from this point forward and also contains valuable information on how to most efficiently utilize our testing services. There are some significant changes and we have tried to make things easier from this point going forward. If after reading this document, any questions can be directed to our Project Coordinator Noah Harper or contact us at

General FAQ

What does Pro-Pack Testing Laboratory do?

Pro-Pack Testing Laboratory is a third party, independent package testing laboratory that performs the following services:

  1. The testing and certification of packages that carry hazardous materials
  2. Pre-shipments tests on non-hazardous packages
  3. Paper and corrugated analysis
  4. Environmental Storage
  5. Beverage Carrier Testing

What is your standard lead (turnaround) time?

Our standard turnaround time is 5-10 business days depending upon work load at the time a project is received. Please call for current turnaround time.


Does Pro-Pack offer EXPRESS services?

Yes. Depending upon the nature of the test and materials involved, our express services will get you test results in as little as 24 hrs. NOTE: This does NOT apply to UN/D.O.T. certifications or any test procedure involving pre-conditioning before starting the test.


Can I come in and witness the tests being performed?

Yes. In fact we encourage it. It is sometimes helpful in understanding and troubleshooting packaging and/or product related problems if you can see the tests in person.


Does Pro-Pack offer video services?

Yes. All testing can be videotaped to provide a permanent record of your testing. NOTE: Please call for current pricing of video services.


Can Pro-Pack design a test protocol for my specific needs?

Yes. Call us for a free consultation.

Does Pro-Pack offer consulting or package design services?

Yes. Please contact us for further information.

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    Pro-Pack is one of the premier package testing laboratories in North America. With more than 30 years of experience, we are trusted for high standards, accuracy and our commitment to excellence. Pro-Pack is owned and managed by a team of people who are dedicated to the profession and the firm.

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    2385 Amann Drive
    Belleville, Illinois 62220
    Phone: 618-277-1160
    Fax: 618-277-1163

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