Pro-Pack Testing Laboratory, Inc.

Pro-Pack Testing Laboratory, Inc. is an independent, third party certified, package testing laboratory located in Southern Illinois (approximately 20 minutes from downtown St. Louis) that provides a wide range of package testing capabilities.. We have been in business for over 30 years, and since that time, we have grown to become a nationally renowned package testing laboratory. We maintain the highest standards, and have gained a reputation for accuracy in our work.


Welcome to Pro-Pack Testing Laboratory’s new website. This site has been optimized for the user to communicate with our staff and new interactive features are being built into it throughout 2016 and beyond to make the process of testing and/or certifying packages a more efficient process for everyone. This process begins with creating an account to gain access to our new customer portal. Once established, a user name and password will be generated and you may then begin to use the website more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

This process will be new to both existing and new customers of Pro-Pack and may initially seem more time consuming but will have advantages that far exceed the time spent signing up to use our customer portal. We appreciate any and all feedback to help us make a better and more user friendly website for all of our customers.

The website and our freshly completed warehouse facility are just two of the ways that we plan to serve our customers more efficiently and effectively for years to come.

As always, we appreciate your time and business. Please contact me direct at with any ideas, questions or complaints about our service and/or our website.

We sincerely appreciate any feedback.

Manuel Rosa Jr.,

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